Mark Apodaca

Mark Apodaca has more than 35 years of experience in the management, accounting, and finance fields and has worked in corporate, nonprofit, and governmental sectors as well as higher education. He is a graduate from Golden West College, Pepperdine University and UCLA. A strong believer in community service, since 1983, he has served on a number of nonprofit organization boards. In 2002, he was awarded the Golden West College Pillar of Achievement Award.


Summer Crider Loeffler is a Deaf filmmaker and educational consultant. She also teaches ASL at Austin Community College and Deaf Studies courses through Gallaudet University’s online degree program. Summer owns the newly established educational media company, The Giving Cypress, LLC, which provides videography and educational consulting services. Summer obtained both her Bachelor’s (in Art Therapy and Spanish) and Master’s degrees (in Deaf Cultural Studies) from Gallaudet University.


As an ASL/Bilingual Curriculum Specialist at the California School for the Deaf, Joy Maisel provides support to ASL and BLA teachers in all departments to ensure students learn effectively how to master ASL viewing, videosigning, and language skills and leads ASL team on ASL instruction and assessment development. She has been working in the field for almost 10 years; prior to joining CSDR in 2011, she worked as an ASL teacher/specialist at the New Mexico School for the Deaf and Pennsylvania School for the Deaf.

Joy has a life long passion for learning; she possesses a Bachelors of Arts in Studio Arts and a Master of Arts from Gallaudet University in Washington, DC in Deaf Studies: Teaching Sign Language. Also, she just completed her teaching credential in Deaf Education with National University. She enjoys ongoing professional development opportunities, and attends a variety of workshops and in-services provided by CSDR and a variety of agencies.

Last but not the least, Joy takes pleasure in photography, outdoor activities, and crafts/arts for fun when she is not busy with her dear family.


Rezenet (Rez) Moges is a first-generation American-born in her family, which emigrated from Eritrea, Africa.  Growing up with a signing family, including one Deaf brother and a hearing sister (who worked as an interpreter), and watching her polyglot parents constantly codeswitch, she learned to become a xenophile and ended up studying linguistic-anthropology.  After getting both degrees, BFA in Illustration and Masters in Anthropology at California State University, Long Beach, Moges went to work as Graphics Director for a woman-owned archaeology company in Orange, California and is continuing her independent research on sign language contact, language documentation, and language and gender studies.  When not digging at an excavation site or traveling abroad for conferences, this Deaf Eritrean anthropologist also doubles as an ASL poet and runs a side-business in mid-century furniture with her wife, Rani.  On a last note, this bibliophile is infamous to delight in drinking latte with double shots of espresso.

Elsie Stecker

Elsie Stecker comes from a three-generation Deaf family and graduated from Indiana School for the Deaf. She obtained a BA degree in Communication Studies and a MA degree in Sign Language Education from Gallaudet University. She has two passions: ASL and accessible open educational resources. A lifelong believer of giving back to the community, she founded ASLized in 2011. Currently, she is a full-time Certified Deaf Interpreter. During her free time, she can be found photographing furry creatures and eye-catching landscapes in colorful Colorado.