The Journal of American Sign Languages and Literatures (JASLL) offers a permanent home for ASL publications in its most natural and accessible medium – video. A video-based medium provides a space for leading educators, researchers, and storytellers to share their work with the public in signed language. Most importantly, JASLL urges a paradigm shift in how peer-reviewed publications need not be limited to text, but can encompass video publications and articles. JASLL also provides an opportunity for Deaf communities to access scholarly information through their primary and natural language, signed language.

JASLL is a locus of past, present, and future academic or creative works rendered in sign languages native to the geo-political boundaries of the United States including but not limited to American Sign Language (ASL), Black ASL, Hawaii Sign Language (HSL), Lengua de Señas Mexicana (LSM), North American Indian Sign Languages (NAISL) and Puerto Rican Sign Language (PRSL). JASLL is a multi-disciplinary journal that revolves around themes such as, but are not limited to, history, literature, linguistics and education.

JASLL is an independent, peer-reviewed, open-access digital journal committed to promoting the nationwide dissemination of original sign language-related research and literature. We believe scholarship of and about deaf people and sign languages should be free and accessible, particularly for marginalized Deaf communities. The opinions expressed by authors in their publications are the author’s own and do not reflect the views of JASLL.

JASLL is sponsored and maintained by a non-profit organization, ASLized. All JASLL editors, the JASLL associate and editorial board, web designers, video editors and the ASLized board and more are fully volunteer-based. All of this would not be possible without volunteers and your contributions. Thank you.