ASL Angels

ASLized is seeking sponsors for a new program, ASL Angels. This program empowers the signing community to be involved with children who do not have natural access to language and reduce the numbers of the late-exposed individuals. The late-exposed individuals are those who did not have accessible language before the critical period, typically before puberty.


Multiple research show language acquisition and brain maturation coexist from birth to the final stages of the critical period.  Around five years of age, the plasticity of the brain begins to gradually decrease[1] and it becomes harder for a child to acquire a language. The late-exposed individuals struggle with depression, economic consequences to society, harmful conflicts of ideology[2] and additional discrimination.


With ASL Angels, the signing community have an opportunity to sponsor any families by paying for their ASL tutoring sessions. It is significant for all families to have a role model where they can feel safe to welcome into their homes and receive paramount support as they start the journey of raising a child.


What sets us apart from any other possible similar programs, we are not affiliated with any specific institutions. We have no interest in recruiting families to relocate. Instead, we provide language models at their home. We stand alone as an organization that advocate for an accessible language for all interested families.


This program is a great opportunity for the signing community who may want to help but feel helpless. This program is a place where you can extend your support and feel good at the end of day knowing you have saved somebody’s life from additional discrimination. Your support will also reduce family’s anxiety as they see their child grow into a successful individual with full capabilities of making a difference in the world just like everybody else.


[1] Humphries et al. (2012). Language acquisition for deaf children: Reducing the harms of zero tolerance to the use of alternative approaches.