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Justin Jackerson, Fallon Brizendine, Jenny Cooper, Wanda Riddle, Callie Frye, Jonathan Kovacs, Raychelle Harris, April Jackson, Josh Weinstock, Amanda Aillon, Lauren Benedict, and Suzanne Stecker

Monday, April 11th, 2011. Filed under: Genres Humor Literature

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  • Edwin 04.11.2011

    wow great job

  • awesome job. i was totally with the story through and through. one thing though. how did the person have the backpack all of the sudden as she was about to run out of the coffee shop? just materialized, i suppose

  • I’d be interested in seeing a sign-by-sign gloss of this; not a translation into English, something that will help me follow the signs better. I realize there are not standard ways to gloss, and that many signs may be modifications of “standard” forms or just invented here, but I think any attempt at glossing will help bridge the cultural divide. Not to mention be more internationally friendly, our sign language here in the Philippines has borrowed a lot of ASL but is still quite different.

  • Hello Frederick, are you familiar with si5s? It is a written system invented by Robert Arnold. Please visit his website at http://si5s.org. The reason why we are referring you to si5s is because glossing is not highly recommended by the ASL department at Gallaudet University. Why don’t you get in touch with Robert and request a copy of the video in si5s? Thanks.

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