ASLChoice is an American Sign Language (ASL) publishing center for videobooks. Videobooks and textbooks share a similar end result: an academic, comprehensive study of a particular subject. We are a team of people interested in equalizing the playing field among languages, especially ASL. It is our mission to provide authors a platform to release their studies in ASL by publishing videobooks.

The Journal of American Sign Languages and Literatures (JASLL) offers a permanent home for ASL publications in its most natural and accessible medium – video. A video-based medium provides a space for leading educators, researchers, and storytellers to share their work with the public in signed language. Most importantly, JASLL urges a paradigm shift in how peer-reviewed publications need not be limited to text, but can encompass video publications and articles. JASLL also provides an opportunity for Deaf communities to access scholarly information through their primary and natural language, signed language.

Signily, the first sign language keyboard app that comes in different handshapes and colors, is an ASLized product for everyone who wishes to communicate in ASL via mobile devices (officially retired in November 2020 after five years).