In 2015, ASLized published a deck of cards featuring beautiful artwork created by various Deaf artists. A group of Deaf/HH students from Austin Community College‘s ASL class decided to make these cards come alive by including them in their ASL Storytelling project!

With the hopes that this project will inspire more ASL classes to become more creative with ASLized resources and materials, ACC and ASLized has partnered up to give you all a glimpse of the storytelling process. Enjoy!

We want to show our appreciation to the ASLized Playing Cards team and the Deaf artists who submitted the playing cards. Thank you for this inspiration!

Here is a short description of Austin Community College’s ASL-ESOL program, which is located in Austin, TX and has around 200 Deaf and hard of hearing students.

ACC is one of very few colleges nationwide that offers classes and support services for Deaf students in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). These classes and labs feature direct, teacher-to-student interaction via American Sign Language (ASL). Our ESOL classrooms are outfitted with latest technology to provide total visual access and improve the learning experience. For more information, visit:

Featured ASL Storytellers from ACC’s ASL-ESOL program:
Amberley Luna
Amanda Thiem
Anika Hilbrich
Alondra Morales
Caitlyn Mulrey
Caitlin Williams
Felicia Cuellar
Janette Acosta
Selena Munoz

This video was edited by students and Summer Crider Loeffler, their L1- ASL Grammar instructor.

Filmed at Austin Community College, Riverside campus. Austin, TX.

Get your playing cards here!